Fitness Training

We all want to be healthy and more physically capable,
our boxing oriented fitness classes are one of the ways to get there.
Want to be fit and lean, the workouts will definitely help you get there.

It never gets easier, you just get stronger!

Boxing oriented group fitness classes. In a nutshell that's what we specialise in, and we are good at it. 1 hour of sweat inducing, fast, intense and awesome training.
"I may never be the strongest,I may never be the fastest,
but I work the hardest"
Rich Froning, Crossfit Champion

What you can expect in our classes

Every class offers something different.

We start off all of our classes with a 10-20 minute warmup, to make sure you don't get injured and that you're ready to go when the hardwork starts. Every class has a minimum of three rounds on the bag, the type of work we do on the bags varies from class to class.

Mondays and Wednesdays incorporate a lot of cardio training. Tuesdays incorporate a circuit and strength training and Thursdays are based around functional skill work. Every class provides a great workout. Come through for a session and see for yourself.

What do you
want to achieve?

Our training programs aren't much use if you don't achieve your personal goals. So when you get to the gym, chat to one of our coaches and let them help guide you and advise you on the best possible path to take in order to reach your goals.

"I joined the gym at 96kg, after one month I lost 10kg, over the next 6 months I lost a further 13kg. I was never fitter or healthier then when I was training at the Basement."
Graeme Kelly, Coach

What we do

Our core training focus

The basement is focused on boxing oriented group fitness classes. Our secondary focus (not less important, just based on numbers) are our competing boxers. Our barbell or weight section would be the third focus on the gym.


The Basement offers boxing at a competitive level and the gym is proudly affiliated to Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Organisation under the auspices of SANABO.

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The Basement offers powerlifting at a competitive level and the barbell club competes at drug tested events with the South African Powerlifting Federation.

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The Basement offers a boxing orientated fitness program alongside its competitive athletes, ensuring that our members get both athletic and aesthetic results.

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