Barbell / Weight Training

Our weight training side of the gym has grown substantially in the last few years.
I don't think we would be able to work without it now. It has become an integral part
of our training regime and makes for a better, more rounded athlete when incorporated correctly.

Weight Training

We have a large variety of free weights and machines in the gym to satisfy most lifters appetites. We plan on expanding in the future to include a variety of extra machines that will open up options to any lifters training programme.
"What we face may be insurmountable, but what I learned
is that we are always stronger than we know"
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Craig Masson

After winning numerous powerlifting competitions and a few strongman competitions, Craig cemented his name as one of the strongest men in South Africa. His enthusiasm for fitness and strength training has been passed along in the gym and you can be assured we will be churning out more champs in the future.

What we do

Our core training focus

The basement is focused on boxing oriented group fitness classes. Our secondary focus (not less important, just based on numbers) are our competing boxers. Our barbell or weight section would be the third focus on the gym.


The Basement offers boxing at a competitive level and the gym is proudly affiliated to Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Organisation under the auspices of SANABO.

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The Basement offers powerlifting at a competitive level and the barbell club competes at drug tested events with the South African Powerlifting Federation.

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The Basement offers a boxing orientated fitness program alongside its competitive athletes, ensuring that our members get both athletic and aesthetic results.

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