Amateur Boxing

Boxing, a universal sport. The Basement is a proud member of the Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Association,
through J.A.B.O we are able to train and offer our members the opportunity to become competitive amateur boxers.

You can't "play" boxing

Boxing is a tough sport, that requires discipline, hardwork and dedication. Those three rounds in the ring will test any man or woman's mental and physical limitations. We know how tough it is, we know what's required and we know how to prepare you for those three rounds.
"To be a champ you have to believe
in yourself when no-one else will"
Sugar Ray Robinson, A Real Champ

Bryce Tyler Matthewson

Bryce was a member of the gym until 2017, when he emigrated to the UK. During his time at the gym, he went from a debut amateur boxer to the National Super Heavyweight Champion.

What we expect from our boxers

Respect. Hardwork. Dedication. Bravery.

Those four traits go a long way in creating a well rounded boxer. With the correct guidances from our coaches we have managed and will continue to create champions in the amateur arena in South Africa. But only if they have the above qualities.

We are a progressive boxing gym and use many techniques and training regimes unlike any other in the country, but our training and methodology is sound. Our boxers must be able to adapt to make the training part of their lifestyle, if they want to be the best.

We can teach you the
necessary skills

As tough and unforgiving as the sport of boxing can be, for those who feel comfortable in the ring and have learnt the right skills, it can also be a fulfilling and challenging sport. One that will become part of you as you make your way up the ladder to champion.
"I hated every minute of training, but i said don't quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
Muhammed Ali, World Champ

What we do

Our core training focus

The basement is focused on boxing oriented group fitness classes. Our secondary focus (not less important, just based on numbers) are our competing boxers. Our barbell or weight section would be the third focus on the gym.


The Basement offers boxing at a competitive level and the gym is proudly affiliated to Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Organisation under the auspices of SANABO.

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The Basement offers powerlifting at a competitive level and the barbell club competes at drug tested events with the South African Powerlifting Federation.

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The Basement offers a boxing orientated fitness program alongside its competitive athletes, ensuring that our members get both athletic and aesthetic results.

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