What is the Basement Gym?

The Basement is an affiliated amateur boxing club with Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Organisation (JABO) and is the most progressive boxing club
in South Africa committed to world class training techniques based on clinical research.

But more importantly, it is a safe place, where you can come, get sound fitness and boxing advice, learn a new skill, get fit and the overall
result of coming to the Basement is feeling and looking great.

What we do

Using a proven combination of core, strength, fitness & technique training we give our clients and fighters the necessary skills and make them reach their bodies full capabilites. This helps our clients get fitter, stronger and builds our fighters into champions.
"Both our current coaches are long time members turned coaches, we started as members with purely fitness and weight loss goals. Our drive and passion has since evolved into wanting to help others achieve their goals, with the knowledge and training we have received over the years."
Graeme Kelly, Coach

How We Do IT

Our classes are small and intimate, yet members have the freedom to move around on their own or if they require more attention our coaches are always close at hand to give some advice.

How did it all start?

Founded in 2011, by Craig Masson, originally as a small underground, strictly boxing gym it fast became apparent that our training techniques and regime was popular not only with boxers but with people interested in improving their fitness levels. Thus in 2012 the gym officially opened to the public and has been growing ever since. We believe this growth is thanks to our friendly atmosphere and impressive training regime. Our clients love it and swear by the results they've seen since joining.

Since 2012 the gym has acquired a variety of weight training equipment in order to cater for those seeking a weight training and barbell program. And to supplement the boxing oriented fitness with weights.
In 2017 the gym went through some major and exciting changes, the founder Craig Masson made the decision to sell the gym to Jerry Horn, Jerry is a regular face in the gym, you'll see him in the weights section on most nights, lifting the big weights.

Craigs classes have since been taken over by Laura Traver-De Sousa, a long time member turned coach. Her tough classes have become somewhat infamous and provide a tough but amazing workout. Graeme Kelly remains in his position as boxing instructor and still takes the Monday and Wednesday sweat sessions.

Where to
from here?

Fitter members, healthier bodies, more fun. Those goals will remain the same. The gym itself will keep expanding its services. We have a personal trainer offering classes in the mornings, and we plan on introducing a number of extra services over the next two years.

"The basement is committed to helping our members achieve the changes they want to make to their bodies."
Jerry Horn, GM