5 Reasons why you need to start Boxing Fitness

January is here, new years resolutions are afoot. But what are you going to do? Here are some reasons why boxing fitness should be the path you take.

Are you seeing the results at your commercial gym, are you avoiding the commercial gyms and therefore aren’t seeing results at all? Many of our members had this same issue when enquiring about classes in the Basement, I’ll say to you what I said to all of them, come through and try out a complimentary session. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it isn’t but either way, it’s a free class and you’re sure to be sore a few days after one session. And if you decide to stay maybe it was one of the reasons below that helped you make up your mind.

Boxing delivers on many fitness levels:

Boxers have to be fit, super fit, 1 round in a boxing ring is a physical nightmare. Your body is pushed to it’s limits. The fitness training boxers undergo, and the training we provide at the Basement will push your body to those limits, without sticking into a ring to fight (That is if you don’t want to fight). Boxing will work your cardiovascular system and force your body to get better at delivering oxygen to the parts that need it, helping with your fitness.

Weight Loss:

Boxing is an aerobic workout and a good boxing session can burn anywhere from 500 to 1800 Calories depending on the intensity. Also because we incorporate H.I.I.T into our sessions your body continues to burn fat for an extended period after the workout.

Muscle Toning:

Boxers need to be lean, they have to make a precise weight and get the most out of their body, carrying excess weight around just isn’t good for them at a competitive level. Training as a boxer, using all the methods in the Basement will help lean and tone your muscles rather than build them. This will give you that”ripped” look.

Strength Building:

We focus a lot on strength training, building punching power and core strength in the gym. So not only will you get fit, lose weight and tone your muscles but you will get stronger, agile and feel great.


If there’s one thing most people take from coming to the Basement is that they walk away more confident in themselves and their physical abilities. Getting stronger, feeling healthier, losing weight and looking great all help with building your confidence, not to mention learning a skill like boxing. Makes you feel like a million bucks.

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